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Feb 1 / theFrog

Teachers and Nurses

If there are any two types of people in our world who have touched every single one of us in some way, it’s teachers and nurses.

We all get sick.

We’re all students of life.

In the spirit of saluting those very teachers and nurses who have touched the lives of so many, Peace Frogs is proud to offer T-shirts made in celebration of all they do to make a difference, one tadpole at a time, and to heal those who feel froggy.

Peace Frogs Teacher T-Shirt

TEACHER – Making A Difference, One Tadpole At A Time

American writer William Arthur Ward said, “the mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

The “Making a Difference” Peace Frog is a small tribute to the millions of teachers out there, inspiring children in public and private schools, during and after class, and in preparation for the tests of life.

Peace Frogs Nurse T-Shirt

NURSE – Healing Those Who Feel Froggy

What is nursing? Ask the American Nurses Association, or similar medical group, and you’ll get the medical answer. They protect against illness. They promote health. They prevent injury and help alleviate suffering. Nurses are the epitome of medical professionals and all these words, and more, describe their job.

Ask a patient, or the loved one of a patient, about a nurse, and while they respect the science and medical skill that goes into everything they do, you’ll probably get a much different answer. You’ll hear about “angels in comfortable shoes,” and compassion, and love.

So here’s to all nurses. Thank you for healing those who feel froggy.

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